Jafar Missing Issue Dreamlight Valley, How to Start A Rift in Time

Not sure how to start the “A Rift in Time” expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley? After more than a year in early access, the highly popular life sim, Disney Dreamlight Valley, is now officially fully released. The game has also received its first expansion pack, called A Rift in Time. In this guide, we explain how to start playing the expansion content, and what to do if Jafar is missing or not showing.

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Jafar Missing Issue Dreamlight Valley, How to Start A Rift in Time
Jafar Missing Issue Dreamlight Valley, How to Start A Rift in Time

How to Start A Rift in Time Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before jumping to other details, we first need to mention the most important thing. This is not a free update! If you want to access this content, you will first need to purchase the expansion pass or any other edition of the game which includes the “A Rift in Time” expansion DLC. Only then will you be able to play it. Here’s how to kick it off:

  • Use the Mysterious Device and speak with Jafar’s hologram on the Plaza.
  • “The Port of Many Worlds” quest will kick off.
  • Go talk to Merlin about it.
  • Merlin will open a new gate in Dream Castle. Go through it.
  • You will enter the Stardust Port!
  • Speak with Merlin again to start The Secrets of Eternity Isle questline.
  • Interact with the Ancient Vessel, and you will travel to Eternity Isle!
  • That’s where you will be able to experience all of the exclusive A Rift in Time DLC content.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Jafar Missing Issue

However, some players are unable to follow the instructions above because they are encountering a bug. Namely, for many players, Jafar doesn’t show up even if they have bought the expansion pack. If you own the “A Rift in Time” expansion, but Jafar is missing, here’s what you need to do. You simply need to restart the game! Additionally, make sure that you have downloaded the latest update! If you are not sure how to update the game, check out our guide about it. Finally, the developers are aware that there are some server and connectivity issues, and they are investigating why is this happening. Hence, if Jafar is not showing, try again later./p>

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