Mass Races Riders Republic - How to Join Mass Races

Mass Races are a special event type you can participate in Riders Republic. Like the name suggests, this is where you will race against up to 64 other competing racers. Of course, playing against other Riders Republic players is by no means easy, so you should only take part in this race type if you have completely mastered every type of vehicle in the game, since all of them can be used. If you have any questions about this game mode, our Mass Races Riders Republic – How to Join Mass Races guide is here to tell you everything you should know about it.

Mass Races Riders Republic - How to Join Mass Races

How to Join Mass Races Riders Republic

To be able to partake in Mass Races in Riders Republic, you will first need to complete the game’s tutorial section. While it’s not a short tutorial, the good news is that you don’t need to win all of these events, simply to complete the race. Likewise, this will also provide you with a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourselves with how the game plays and how the vehicles in it handle. After that, Suki will give you a guided tour of the premises. At the southern end of Rider’s Ridge, you will encounter the Mass Race portal. It is here that the Mass Race will begin.

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Mass Races occur twice an hour – at the beginning and half past each hour. You will be notified when it is time for the next Mass Race. What you need to do then is to go to that spot and wait with the other players. The Mass Race will be visible on your compass marker, so go there and stand in the yellow highlighted area until the race begins. It consists of three rounds. Naturally, you should aim at the top spot in each round. At the end, your points will be tallied up according to how well you did overall in the entire competition.

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  1. M

    Do you need a live gold pass or something similar to join the mass races on Xbox? I bought the ultimate edition but cannot join mass races (I did complete the tutorial).


  2. J

    I spend 500 dollars on the console, 30-40 dollars on the game and they want me to subscribe to a monthly payment plan just to participate in any of the races? Playstation is trying to rip you off worse than Disney is. 🙁 why can’t I just start the game, pick a race from the start up screen, pick a sport ( bike, skis , snowboard etc) and just start racing with how I finish in each race determining what the next race I go to is? It would be much better that way.

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