Pokemon Go Festival of Lights Event - Release Date & Time

The Pokemon Go Festival of Lights event has arrived in November, and we have the release date and time. As the spooky, dark Halloween months have resided, light is back in Pokemon. Dedenne and a host of illuminating electric Pokemon will take center stage. All this comes with some extra special events for trainers to take part in. We give you the start date and time for the Festival of Lights event below.

Pokemon Go Festival of Lights Event - Release Date & Time
Pokemon Go Festival of Lights Event – Release Date & Time

Pokemon Go Festival of Lights Event Start Date & Time

The Festival of Light event will start on Friday 5th of November at 10 am local time. It will end on Sunday, November 14th at 8 pm local time.

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November’s first event, a celebration of Dia De Muertos, has already been and gone. Now the darkness has resided, light has arrived to celebrate Diwali. The focus of the event will be on friendship and providing gifts to other trainers.

One of the most important announcements is Dedenne joining Pokemon Go. This electric Fairy-type Pokemon has never been on the game before. You can read our guide on how and where to catch him here.

Trainers worldwide will benefit from many of the themes of Diwali in the game. You can open gifts up to 45 times a day, and increased items will come from gifts. Friendship levels will also increase in double time, with 2 friendship points per person, per day.

Players in India get even more incentive to play. From 4 pm to 7 pm local time, a special bonus is on offer. Dedenne and Blitzle will have increased spawn rates and you can get your hands on double catch candy.

The in-game avatar shop will have a special Festival of Light t-shirt. Hats, shoes, and bags inspired by Dedenne will also be on sale. Finally, brand new raid opponents will be around. These involve electric Pokemon, ranging from one-star raids with Chinchou all the way to new Mega Raids with Mega Manectric.

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