Kill Ramien or Hulrun in Feud of the Faithful – Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

In Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, Feud of the Faithful is part of the main quest. In it, you will have to decide to kill Ramien or Hulrun. This moral dilemma can shape the alignment of your party, making you choose between good or evil. As part of the main story, this decision is unavoidable. Read on as we discuss the actions and consequences when you kill Ramien or Hulrun.

Kill Ramien or Hulrun in Feud of the Faithful – Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

When you complete the Divided City, you should make a passage. Once through, travel left and you will find a hole in the ground. A group of men will be around it and a guard will be next to the hole. The guard is Hulrun and gave help earlier in the game. He claims that the group of men were performing treason.

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One of the men is Ramien. After a short conversation with him, he will run off to the North West of the Market and wait on a small hill. This is where you must make the decision to kill Ramien or Hulrun in Feud of the Faithful. Pathfinder, Wrath of the Righteous is basically making you choose your alignment at this point.

Your first option is to do the lawful thing and kill Ramien. He is a level three cleric and a chaotic good human. After killing him, you can take his breastplate, starknife and Scroll of Protection from Law.

The main concern if you choose this option is that it prevents you from taking part in the quest Starward Gaze. However, if you return to Hulrun at the Defenders Heart Inn, he will give you 530 XP and the option to join your party.

The second option is to side with Ramien and kill Hulrun. He is a level 13 inquisitor and lawful neutral. Hulrun actually has a lot of equipment to loot. A longsword, heavy shield, light crossbow, adamantine chainmail and two cure light wounds potions are yours on his death. When you report back to Ramien, he will give you 530xp. You can also recruit him to your team.

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