Marvel’s Midnight Suns Firaxis Games Gameplay Stream

Marvel’s Midnight Suns by Firaxis Games has had its first gameplay stream release. Featuring Marvel’s more supernatural characters, the game is a tactical RPG. It balances a cast of fan favorites with lesser-known heroes. One of these is the first customizable Marvel superhero. Read on as we give you the lowdown on Firaxis Games upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Firaxis Games Gameplay Stream
Marvel’s Midnight Suns Firaxis Games Gameplay Stream

The game is set to be a sprawling single-player title. Supernatural entities such as Ghost Rider join with favorites like Iron Man. The narrative switches between a medieval setting and the modern day. This is from the perspective of a brand new character, The Hunter.

Marvel Midnight Suns The Hunter

The game is based loosely on the nineties comic book, Rise of the Midnight Suns. It follows new character The Hunter. Designed for the game in conjunction with Marvel, they will be the first customizable character in the Marvel Universe.

Players can choose gender, skins and select from over forty different abilities. The child of Lilith, both wake from an ancient sleep at the start of the game and form the ongoing plot. However, it was the often ignored X-Men who got their time in the sun during the stream.

The Marvel Midnight Suns live stream featured director Jake Solomon and producer Garth DeAngelis showcasing combat. This showed the innovative new combat system the game would be using. In the footage, Hunter and Wolverine faced off against long-time adversary Sabretooth.

The Firaxis Games title Midnight Suns is set for release on March 22nd. It will be coming to all the major platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Switch. Anyone who signs up to the mailing list can get a limited-edition skin for Blade.  Keep checking back for updates on this awesome-looking game. 

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