Last Alien Toy 24/25 Disney Dreamlight Valley

The latest update to Disney Dreamlight Valley has added a lot of new content, including new quests for old characters. One of these new quests is given by Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, and it is called “Collect ‘Em All: Little Green Men”. Your task here is to find and collect all 25 Alien Toys that have been scattered all across the gameworld. Each day, several of these will spawn in the game. However, there is a problem with this Buzz Quest, and many players are stuck at 24 out of 25 Toys. But why is this happening? Is it a bug, or is that final Alien Toy simply too well-hidden? We are going to help you find the Last Alien Toy in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so that you are no longer stuck at 24/25.

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Last Alien Toy 24-25 Disney Dreamlight Valley
Last Alien Toy 24/25 Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Find Last Alien Toy 24/25 in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are several places where this elusive last Alien Toy could be hiding. We are going to go over all of these likely places. So, to start with, a good idea is to go into the Furniture Mode. This will give you a good overhead viewing position from which you can see where it might be. Next, it could be somewhere in the black fog. Be sure to check inside the smoke that is around the pillars in the Dazzle Beach and Forgotten Lands areas.

It could also be hidden behind a tree or a bush. You will only see the sparkles for the Alien Toy when you are standing right next to it. Of course, there’s always the chance that it has spawned in the space between a house and a wall. This is a recurring problem for items that can spawn randomly in any spot on the map. And, as a final resort, you can try lifting all of the buildings, furniture, and other landscaping items to check underneath. We hope that one of these will do the trick for you and that you will have found the last Alien Toy in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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