Last Epoch Fury Leap on Controller Bug Explained

After almost five years in early access, Last Epoch version 1.0 is finally here. However, it hasn’t been released without some issues. In this guide, we explain why is the Primalist’s skill Fury Leap not working properly on a controller in Last Epoch, and explore if there is a way to bypass this issue.

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Last Epoch Fury Leap on Controller Bug Explained
Last Epoch Fury Leap on Controller Bug Explained

Last Epoch Fury Leap Not Working with Controller Glitch

Among many other improvements and quality-of-life changes in the Last Epoch 1.0 update, the developers have implemented full controller support. That means that controller targeting for certain abilities has been removed. This includes Transplant, Aerial Assault, and Fury Leap. And while Transplant and Aerial Assault are working as intended, Fury Leap is unfortunately currently broken with a controller.

Namely, the ability is no longer tracking the highlighted enemies as it was doing before the patch. Instead, it simply jumps its maximum range to the direction your character is currently looking at. Naturally, this makes the skill borderline useless, as you want to jump on the enemies closest to you and not some random spot at the edge of the screen.

“I just started running a new Primalist after the patch, and so far, I am already noticing that attacks don’t at all seem to track enemies as well as before the patch,” wrote Steam user OniGrin. “Fury Leap just goes in whatever direction I am pointing to its maximum range before it goes to the closest target in that direction. Is this intended, or did the targeting on controllers get messed up?”

So, is there a solution for this issue? Sad to say, but currently, to the best of our knowledge, there doesn’t seem to be a way to bypass the glitch. This renders playing the Primalist with a controller borderline unplayable. Hopefully, the developers are aware of this problem and are working on fixing it. For now, that’s all we can say about the bug. Nevertheless, we will make sure to update the article as soon as there’s some new information.

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