Monopoly GO Wild Sticker, How to Get More Wild Cards?

In our Monopoly GO Wild Sticker, How to Get More Wild Cards guide, we are going to show you everything you need to know about the new item. We will explain what the Wild Card, as it’s also known, does. After that, we’ll discuss how you can get more of them, to the best of our knowledge. Let’s begin!

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monopoly go wild sticker how to get more wild cards
Monopoly GO Wild Sticker, How to Get More Wild Cards?

Wild Sticker on Monopoly GO Explained

Before we talk about how you can get more Wild Stickers or Wild Cards in Monopoly GO, let’s explain what it does first. After you obtain a Wild Card, it will activate automatically (you can’t save it for later) and show you a list of all the Stickers you’re missing in the current collection. You can then exchange the Wild for any Sticker in the album you haven’t yet obtained. Yes, they can be Golden. Yes, you can complete the entire album or a section of it with the Wild Card. And this is exactly why they are going to be really, really rare. Since it’s a new item, I’m sure the developers will be tweaking the rarity in the coming weeks, but I can’t imagine it will ever become ubiquitous. The developers have to entice you to grind somehow.

How to Get More Wild Cards in Monopoly GO?

Because the item is still new, we don’t know for certain how you’ll get more Wild Stickers or Wild Cards in Monopoly GO. We assume that they will drop from the Vault of from various special events. The Capital’s Cup certainly doesn’t offer any, but future event might. And again, I am absolutely certain the Wild Stickers will be unspeakably rare. After all, they are basically free Golden Stickers, which is huge. If you want to learn more about those, check out our other guides on the subject, like How to Trade Gold Stickers, How to Get Gold Cards for Free, and How to Get 5 Star Cards.

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