The Last One to Leave Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt

The Last One to Leave is a treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. It involves following three power lines. Once you get to the end of each, you need to restore the power leading to the substation. This will allow you to access the rewards in the building. Read on as we discuss how to complete the Last One to Leave in Far Cry 6.

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The Last One to Leave Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt
The Last One to Leave Far Cry 6 Treasure Hunt

The hunt will start when you reach the orange box at the side of the station. A note from someone’s mama tells you to follow the three power lines. You will notice that three cables are coming from the roof of the substation.

Poison Gas House Far Cry The Last One to Leave

The closest powerline leads to a house next to a large yellow gas container. Poison gas is pumping into the house, so you need to turn it off before you can enter. Find the valve at the back of the yellow container and turn it.

This will prevent gas flow. You can then head to a crawl space that is near the door inside of the house. Once inside, you can flip the power.

Far Cry Last One to Leave Can’t Find Switch

After this, follow the powerline to the green house in the south. You will notice it has a rooster inside the doorway. This can be used in fights elsewhere. In this house, the power switch is not easy to find. Look around and find a note from the house’s previous owner.

This will tell you about the morning routine of the owner. The switch will only unveil when you follow the objects written on the note. You must interact with them in the correct order.

Turn on the radio. Then head to the TV and turn it on. Then go to the picture at the left of the bookcase. This will allow you to flip the power switch and you can move to the next building.

Watertower Switch Last One to Leave

The next switch is in on a water tower. It has no ladder to access it. A hole should be in the wall next to it. You have two options.

Either go through being wary of the patrols on the other side. Once inside, jump onto the green roof of the long building. From here you can traverse the rooftops and get onto the water tower and flip the switch.

The easier option is to jump onto the outbuilding close to the hole, then walk along the top of the wall. You need to have steady controls, or you will fall off. Pull yourself up to the platform and flick the switch. You can then head back to the substation and claim your rewards.

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