Back 4 Blood Hag - How to Fight

The Hag in Back 4 Blood is one of the trickier Ridden enemies in the game, and a lot of people want to know how to fight it. Fortunately, even if this enemy is extremely powerful and can kill you easily, there is a strategy that should both keep you safe and help you beat the Hag faster. In short, in our Back 4 Blood Hag – How to Fight guide, we’ll show you how to defeat the Hag efficiently.

back 4 blood hag how to fight
Back 4 Blood Hag – How to Fight

How to Fight Hag Back 4 Blood

To fight and defeat the Hag in Back 4 Blood, you and your team need to communicate well and be on the ball, and you also need to know a little about the enemy itself. If you sneak by the Hag carefully, it will leave you alone. Also, if you shoot into the air and then sneak away, this special Ridden will inspect the source of the noise, but won’t raise the alarm. That’s good info to have if you need to move the bastard away and sneak past. Ideally, you should avoid engaging, but if you really want to duke it out, here are some tips.

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Your opening volley should focus on hitting the pustules on the Hag’s back. These are the creature’s weak spot, so you should begin the fight by dealing massive damage. As soon as you hurt the thing, it’ll start chasing after one player, often the one that shot it. The player drawing aggro needs to run around and kite the Hag so that the others can shoot its back. That’s how to fight and defeat the Hag in Back 4 Blood. Also, explosives and stun grenades work great. Do not, repeat, do not let the arms coming out of the Ridden’s mouth, or it’ll eat you alive.

There are two ways to fight your way out if the Hag grabs you. The first one is to knock it back with a stun gun, and the second is that one of your teammates sets of a grenade and stuns it. Of course, killing the monster works, too. If you don’t act fast and release a player from the Hag’s mouth, they’re dead. One more important piece of info: if the creature burrows into the ground and runs away, it won’t heal up.

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