Lego Incredibles Challenges - How to Complete Tasks

Challenges are optional tasks you can undertake in Lego Incredibles. There are twenty of them, and each of the first ten is tied to a certain district. The latter half are a bit harder, as they require you to roam the entire map, Municiberg and New Urbem combined. Each one will reward you with a new character. This guide is going to show you a list of all Lego Incredibles challenges, how to complete them and which rewards they unlock.

lego incredibles challenges how to complete
Lego Incredibles Challenges – How to Complete Tasks

Taking out the trash

This one takes place in Municiberg’s Residential District. In order to complete it, you’ll have to destroy five booby trapped bins. They’re blue, with bombs sticking out under the opened lid. Although they look a bit different than regular garbage cans, you can just go around destroying all trash cans you run into, just to be safe.

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Payment declined

This challenge is based in Municiberg’s Financial District. It requires you to destroy five hacked ATMs. You’ll recognize them by the glowing red screens. Simply walk up to them and use your powers to disassemble them.

Well well well

As you can probably deduce from the name, this one involves wells. It’s based in Outer Municiberg, the farmland in the north of the area. You’ll need to visit and use five wells in order to complete it. It’s a lot of open space, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Incredible builder

This one can be a bit of a pain. It requires you to find one hundred Incredibricks. In case you haven’t seen them, they’re tiny glowing bricks with the Incredibles logo on them. You’ll most often find them floating above rooftops and in other inaccessible or overlooked places. It would be best if you brought along a flying character for this one.

Everyone’s hero

In order to complete this challenge, you’ll have to rescue ten civilians. There’s one in each district, and if you spend some time in any one, you’ll notice them easily – they’re clearly distressed, and make to atempt to hide that. Just do what heroes are supposed to do and you’ll be fine.

Fire fighter

This one’s also pretty relaxed. You’ll have to extinguish ten fires raging across the city. If you’ve ever seen a Lego fire, you’ll know how easy to spot they are – orange and translucent. You can use Violet’s force field to roll over them and make them disappear.

Caught in the act

If you want to wrap this one up, you’ll have to catch ten thieves. Now this is one of the easiest challenges in the game – all you have to do is find one thief in the middle of a roberry, and stop them. Then you can circle around a bit and come back, and the thief will be there again, trying to snatch that old lady’s purse. You don’t have to apprehend ten different thieves – you can keep on catching that one guy until you’re done.

Screenslaver denied

This one requires you to find and destroy ten pieces of Screenslaver brainwashing equipment. What you’ll be looking for are several screens bunched together on a stand, bordered by green glow. They’re usually hidden in nooks where they’re not too obvious, so you’ll have to look a little harder.

Clean up crew

To complete this challenge, you’ll have to clean ten Omnidroid wreckages. They’re Syndrome’s superhero-wrecking robots, and you’ll find their wrecks strewn around Municiberg and New Urbem. There’s one in each area, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding them – they’re black and fairly large.

Super supporter

This challenge is among the hardest in the game. It requires you to find and destroy ten anti superhero posters. The posters are just a picture of Mr Incredible on a white background, crossed over with a red line. However, they’re quite small, and there’s one in each neighborhood.

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