Lego Incredibles Super Supporter Challenge - Poster Locations

Super Supporter is one of the challenges in Lego Incredibles. In order to complete it, you’ll have to find ten anti superhero posters across Municiberg and New Urbem and destroy them. There’s one in each area, and they’re pretty tiny, which can make tracking them down troublesome. If you’re having a hard time finding them, our Lego Incredibles Super Supporter challenge guide will help you by showing you all poster locations.

lego incredibles super supporter challenge poster locations
Lego Incredibles Super Supporter Challenge – Poster Locations

Anti superhero poster locations

You’ll find the first one in the northeastern corner of Outer Municiberg, on the eastern wall of the big red barn. It’s near the flaming hay bales and the well. The next one is in the southeastern part of the Tourist District. It’s on a wall at the ground level of the big glass building next to the arena.

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The third poster is in the Financial District. Go to the east of the area, and look for a red building surrounded by skyscrapers. You’ll find the poster above a dumpster there. Another poster can be found in the Industrial District. It’s in the north, on the red brick factory with two chimneys. Go up to the second floor, and find it on the outer wall of the clerestory.

The last Municiberg poster is in the middle of the Residential District. It’s on the wall of a yellow apartment building, in the alley that divides the buildings from the houses. Going over to New Urbem, you’ll find one in the southwestern corner of Downtown. Look for a skyscraper between a red building and a small park. The poster will be on a the wall near the park.

If you go to the City Park, you should head to the maze in the northeastern corner. You’ll find the poster on the eastern side of the stone wall around the maze. If you go to Urbem Heights, you’ll find another one. It’s under the overpass in the east, on a wall near a fridge and a washing mashine.

You can find one in the Waterfront, all the way in the northwest. It’s under the bridge that leads to the roundabout with the ring sculpture. The final poster is at the Docks. It’s in the small warehouse in the middle of the area – you’ll notice the doors are closed. Go behind the building and talk to the Dockhand. He’ll give you the Fish Fight quest, which will open the door. Once inside, turn right and look at the wall above the entrance.

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