Lego Incredibles Red Brick Locations - Where to find Cheats

Red bricks are special collectibles in Lego Incredibles. Finding them will allow you to unlock special cheats, which increase the number of studs you’ll get, give you invincibility and more. There are twelve of them, and they’re hidden around Municiberg and New Urbem. If you’re having trouble finding them, keep reading our Lego Incredibles red brick locations guide.

lego incredibles red brick locations
Lego Incredibles Red Brick Locations – Where to find Cheats

Classic Mode

You’ll find this one in the eastern part of Outer Municiberg. Stand on the platform near the farm, and you’ll unlock Spot. Use him to dig out the parts from the dirt in front of the tower, then use them to assemble a funnel and wait for the brick to drop.

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Pickup Detector

This one is in the middle of Urbem Hights. Stand on the pad on the grass-infested sidewalk, and you’ll unlock Flik. Dig in the dirt on both sides of the Casey Jr. Cookies truck, and make two spotlights from the parts you find there. The back of the truck will open, and when you crank the white box inside, you’ll get the brick.

Destroy on Contact

You’ll find this one in the west of the Financial District in Municiberg. Stand on the panel in front of a lawn surrounded by a big construction site. You’ll get Russel, and will have to follow a blue glowing trail to the patio, where you’ll dig out some parts and use them to create a giant magnet. Once it opens the door, go into the house and use the ladder on the right to get upstairs. Destroy the wooden boxes and use their parts to build a crank. After you use it, the brick will appear in the front yard.

Edna Mode… Mode

This one can be found in the western part of the New Urbem Docks. Stand on the plate by the water and you’ll unlock Sulley. Destroy objects around the monster factory until a yellow glowing pile appears to the left of the scare door. Use it to build a monster, then let it go through the door and fill up the canister. Once the canister is full, it’ll burst and give you the brick.

Fast Interact

This one is hidden in the northeastern corner of New Urbem’s Residential District. When you activate the plate by the playground, you’ll get Bing Bong. Go into Imagination Land and go to the lava pool. Jump on all the blue switches, then onto the one in the middle. Use the parts that appear to build a white queen. She’ll destroy the black pieces, which is when the brick appears.


You’ll find a plate in the park in the northeastern corner of the New Urbem Waterfront. Stand on it, and you’ll get Lightning McQueen. You’ll have to use either him or another fast character to win the race at the Piston Cup stand. Just follow the glowing red checkpoint rings and once you pass the finish line, you’ll get the brick.

Stud Magnet

This one is in the middle of Municiberg’s Tourist District. Stand on the plate on the corner by the hall and you’ll get Woody. Go behind Pizza Planet and use a character that can pull distant objects (like Mrs. Incredible) to grab the wheel from the rocket ship. Go into the pizza place and use the wheel on the claw machine to fish out the red brick.

x10 Studs

Go to the northwestern corner of Municiberg’s Industrial District. Use the plate in the empty lot to unlock Wall-E. Use his lazer to destroy the two stoppers at the back of the yellow transport truck. Go inside and break the shelf on the right. Use the parts to make a lever, which will give you the brick once you interact with it.

x8 Studs

Go to the southern edge of Downtown New Urbem. Stand on the plate by the roundabout and you’ll unlock Linguini. Go into Gusteau’s with him, and let the rat enter the large pipe in the back. Push the bricks on the shelf, and the red one will fall down.

x6 Studs

This one can be found in the eastern part of the New Urbem Waterfront. Standing on the plate on the empty plot will unlock Miguel and build Ernesto’s mansion. Go inside and use the parts in the foyer to create a giant guitar. The brick will appear on the floor in front of it.

x2 Studs

It’s in the middle of City Park in New Urbem. Standing on the plate will unlock Merida and build the witch’s hut. Shoot the door to open it, then break the pots inside. Use the newly acquired parts to build a fire under the cauldron and the red brick will pop out of it once it gets too hot.

Swing Mode

Go to the south of New Urbem’s Waterfront. Stand on the plate, and you’ll get Dory. Dive into the water and open up the blue shells. Once you’re done with them, the big white one in the middle will open, revealing the last red brick.

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