Lego Incredibles Screenslaver Denied - Brainwashing Screen Locations

Screenslaver Denied is one of the hidden challenges in Lego Incredibles. If you want to complete it, you’ll have to find and destroy ten pieces of Screenslaver brainwashing equipment. They’re like bunches of tiny monitors on a stand, surrounded by a green glow. If you have trouble finding any of them, our Lego Incredibles Screenslaver Denied challenge guide will help you by showing all the screen locations.

lego incredibles screenslaver denied challenge
Lego Incredibles Screenslaver Denied – Brainwashing Screen Locations

Screenslaver brainwashing equipment locations

If you go to the New Urbem Docks, you’ll find one at the eastern entrance. It’s in the alcove, pressed against the wall. There’s also one in Outer Municiberg. You’ll find it in the west, by one of the bungalows at the lake.

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Then there’s the one in the Residentail District. Go to the easternmost building in the area, the one that’s under renovation, past the park. The monitor will be on the northern edge of the park. There’s also one in the Tourist District. It’s at the end of the pier in the east, in front of the miniature lighthouse.

If you go to the Financial District, you’ll be able to find one in the northwestern corner. It’s next to the large glass-paned building near the construction site. The last one in Municiberg is in the Industrial District, in front of the factory in the northeastern corner.

Moving on, you’ll find one in Urbem Heights. It’s in the alley behind the last row of apartment buildings in the east. Then there’s one in Downtown, which is on the roof of a skyscraper in the middle of the area.

Another one can be found in City Park. It’s in the east, by the water. You’ll find it under the overpass in front of the tall building with the flags. The last one is at the Waterfront. You’ll find it at the southern end of the pedestrian bridge in the northwestern corner of the area.

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