Pokemon GO How to Add Friends & Increase Friendship Level

Adding Friends and increasing Friendship levels in Pokemon GO is a new mechanic in the game. Adding friends and boosting the level of Friendship with trainers can give you different bonuses and open new stuff, including bonuses in battles and more. So, we’re going to explain how to add friends and increase friendship level in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO How to Add Friends & Increase Friendship Level
Pokemon GO How to Add Friends & Increase Friendship Level

How to Add Friends in Pokemon GO?

To add friends in Pokemon GO, you first have to ask the trainer you want to add for their Trainer Code. Once they give you the code, you can then invite them to be your friend. All you have to do is to type in their code and send them the request. You’ll be able to see them in your Friends List once/if they accept your request.

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When you become friends with somebody, you can then interact with them in different ways. This includes going to raids together, giving you extra damage in battle, and trading Pokemon. You can level up the friendship to Good, Great, Ultra, and Best Friend. The higher your friendship level, the more stuff you can do with the trainer in question. Which brings us to our next segment.

How to Increase Pokemon GO Friendship Level?

To increase your Friendship level in Pokemon GO, there are several things you can do. For one, sometimes you’ll get a special Gift when you spin a Photo Disk. You can’t do anything with it, but you can send it to somebody on your friends list. The gifts contain a host of useful items; plus, some of them might contain an Egg with an Alolan Pokemon.

Next up, you can go fight in raids together to increase your Friendship level. There’s an extra incentive there, because the higher your Friendship level is, the more efficient you will be as a team in battle. For example, if you enter a raid or Gym Battle with a Great friend, your Pokemon will do extra damage. Important note: You can raise your Friendship level once a day per friend.

Lastly, you can raise the Friendship level by trading Pokemon with each other. For this, both of you need to be at least level 10. Trading grants extra Candy for the Pokemon that you traded away, the amount of which goes up the further apart the Pokemon where caught. The catch is that trading costs Stardust, so make sure you have enough. Different trades cost different amounts of Stardust. Which brings us to Special Trades.

Special trades include Shiny Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, or Pokemon that you don’t already own. They require a lot of Stardust, and you can only do them with Great or Best friends, once a day.

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