Link Capcom ID & PS4, PS5, PC - Resident Evil Reverse

Before you can start playing Resident Evil Reverse, you have to link your Capcom ID with your platform of choice. This means creating a Capcom account, because in all honesty, you probably don’t have one. After that, you have to connect it to Playstation, Steam or Xbox. If you’re having trouble completing the process, this guide will show you how to link Capcom ID & PS4, PS5, PC for Resident Evil Reverse.

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Link Capcom ID & PS4, PS5, PC – Resident Evil Reverse

How to link Capcom ID and Play Station Platform PS4, PS5

In order to link the Capcom ID to your Playstation account, you first have to run the game. When you do, a message will pop up showing you a QR code and a link you can follow in order to link them.

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Once you open the web page on your phone or PC, you’ll be able to select to sign up or log into an existing Capcom account. When you’ve logged in, you’ll click next a few times and be sent to a PSN login page. Enter your credentials here, and the accounts will be linked, which will allow you to start playing.

How to link Capcom ID & PC Platform

Before running the game, go to this address and either create an account or log into an existing one. Once you’re logged in, click on the “external account links” option. Choose Steam, and it’ll redirect you to the Steam login page. Confrim you want to log in and the accounts will be linked. This will allow you to start playing the Reverse beta.

There’s a handy option to unlink the accounts if you make a mistake. This is especially useful for people with multiple accounts, or those who are going to be playing the beta on one platform and the full game on another.

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    Paul Giamonte

    You are getting to play the beta version of the game early and for free without purchasing Village.
    But to be quite honest, the whole linking process is a bit too much of a pain for me to temporarily be able to play a game that is mediocre at best. Downloaded it for PS5. Didn’t bother to link the account. Deleted the game.

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    let me kill the competition

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    Who else is exited for this game it’s about to be awesome

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