How to Link Square Enix Account with Steam, PSN, Xbox Account

In order to play Outriders, you’ll have to link your Steam, PSN or Xbox account with a Square Enix account. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to register it. The game cannot be played until you link the two, and lots of players are having trouble with the process. It’s supposed to be straightforward, but as always, there are snags along the line. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to link Square Enix account with Steam, PSN, Xbox account, so you can start playing Outriders as soon as possible.

how to link square enix account steam psn xbox account
How to Link Square Enix Account with Steam, PSN, Xbox Account

How to link Square Enix member account

There are two ways to go about this – you can either click the link supplied in the “link your account” message, then do it through your PC or console’s web browser, or you can scan the QR code and do it over the phone.

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If you’re playing on PC, you can safely use the link – it’ll take you to the membership page, and you just need to enter your email, click the link they send you to validate your account, then press a button to connect the two accounts. The code will already be entered for you.

If you’re playing on console, using your phone and the QR code might be the smarter choice. You won’t have to type using the gamepad, for one. The process itself is pretty much the same – you register on the members websiter (or log in if you already have an account), then select the platform, enter your credentials, and link the two.

Incorrect token

There’s a chance you’ll get an error message warning you of an “incorrect token”. This means the code got mangled on the way – to solve it, open up a new tab in your browser, google the Square Enix Membership website, register/login, then link the accounts from that tab – you’ll have to enter the code shown in the game manually, though.

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