Unlock Karve in Valheim

Valheim Karve is a ship that you can unlock and craft, and it is a step above having a raft. It offers more room for other people, more storage space, and is generally easier and smoother to sail. However, some players are having trouble figuring out how to unlock the crafting recipe for the boat. They expect for it to become available before discovering every necessary material, and that’s just not how the game works. So, in our Unlock Karve in Valheim guide, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

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unlock karve in valheim
Unlock Karve in Valheim

How to Unlock Karve in Valheim?

To unlock the Karve in Valheim, you need to come into contact with every single one of the materials required to build it. I’ve seen some people say that the Karve crafting recipe unlocks after you first make Bronze Nails, but that’s not the case. You also need to acquire Fine Wood, Deer Skins, and Resin at some point to get the recipe. That said, here are all the materials you’ll need and in which quantity.

  • Bronze Nails x80
  • Fine Wood x30
  • Resin x20
  • Deer Hide x10

You get Bronze Nails by placing Bronze ingots into a Forge. One ingot grants twenty nails, so you’ll need four. Fine Wood drops from Birch and Oak trees in the Meadows and Plains biomes. Keep in mind that you need a Bronze Axe or better to chop them down.

As for getting Resin and Deer Hide to unlock the Valheim Karve, they are a little easier. Deer hide drops from Deer, obviously, while you get Resin from either chopping down trees or by killing any Graydwarf-type enemy, including Greylings. In other words, these materials are fairly ample.

The Karve has several advantages over the Raft. It seats two people plus the “pilot,” and has four storage slots (at time of writing). Plus, it’s generally faster and more maneuverable, which comes in handy if you’re hunting the sea serpent or mining for Chitin. However, it does tip over more easily than the raft, so be extra careful in stormy weather.

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