LOL Prime Gaming Capsule

The LOL Prime Gaming Capsule is a bundle of all sorts of bonuses that you can get, but only if you jump through a number of hoops. Nothing too complicated, all things considered, but I can see some of you getting confused about it. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, in which we’ll show you how to claim the League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule.

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lol prime gaming capsule
LOL Prime Gaming Capsule

How to Claim League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule

To claim your your League of Legends (or LOL) Prime Gaming Capsule rewards, there are a number of steps you need to go through. First off, you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber, which will cost you thirteen bucks a month by default (there are some discounts you might be eligible for). Then, you have to connect your Amazon Prime account with a Prime Gaming account. Lastly, you need to connect your Prime Gaming account with your Riot account, which you can easily do here. Just click on the redeemable Capsule and follow the directions from there.

Now, why would anyone want to jump through all of these hoops in the first place? Well, because the Capsule rewards you with 650 RP, a 1350 RP Skin Permanent, 200 Orange Essence, five Champion Shards, and a 30-day XP Boost. That is truly a lot of stuff; might as well make the best of the offer, right? So, that’s how to claim your LOL Prime Gaming Capsule in League of Legends. The bonuses in the capsule are really valuable, and if you think it’s worth the money and hassle / you already have an Amazon Prime subscription, go for it.

Personally, I tend to avoid linking any of my accounts with anything else, but ultimately, the decision here is entirely up to you. One more thing I have to mention is that you’ll be able to claim more Capsules in the future; as in, there’ll be a new Capsule once a month. Something to consider.

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