Loop Hero Orb of Expansion, Evolution, Unity, Immortality, Astral

Orbs are a type of resource in Loop Hero. There’s all kinds of them, and they’re all used to upgrade your camp with new buildings, which in turn give you more cards and open up new possibilities. They’re all found in different ways, and if you need a specific one, you’ll have a lot of trouble if you don’t know exactly how it’s obtained. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to show you how to get Loop Hero Orb of Expansion, Evolution, Unity, Immortality, Crafts, Afterlife & Astral.

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loop hero orb expansion evolution unity immortality astral afterlife crafts
Loop Hero Orb of Expansion, Evolution, Unity, Immortality, Astral

Orb of Expansion

The only way to get the Orb of Expansion is by fighting four or more enemies. The more there are, the higher your chance to get one, so make sure you drop some spider nests by the road and don’t put anything next to them that’ll limit their output.

Orb of Evolution

The Orb of Evolution can be obtained by fighting plant and living type enemies. This is probably the easiest orb to get, as the fragments can drop from starting enemies like spiders, ratwolves, harpies, goblins.

Orb of Unity

The Orb of Unity can be assembled from fragments that drop from liquid and swarm enemies. This includes blood clots and slimes, so try to put two battlefields close to one another.

Orb of Immortality

You can get the Orb of Immortality from defeating chapter bosses. There’s no other way – you’ll have to grit your teeth and push through it.

Astral Orb

The Astral Orb has a chance of dropping when you fight mage and cosmic type enemies. Pull up your sleeves and go hunt some mages.

Orb of Crafts

If you want the Orb of Crafts, you’ll need to fight artificial and object type enemies. This includes chests and gargoyles, so make sure you bunch up some mountains and put a battlefield wherever you can.

Orb of Afterlife

The Orb of Afterlife can be obtained by fighting undead enemies and vampires. Plop down a graveyard and a mansion next to it, and you’ll have a chance to get one in each loop.

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