Watch Dogs Legion Online Retire Operatives - How to Remove Recruits

The online mode in Watch Dogs Legion has launched on some platforms, and, of course, there are some problems. One such issue is that players can’t seem to figure out how to retire operatives and/or remove recruits from their team. This is a significant problem, since building your team is kind of a major mechanic in the game. That being the case, we’ll show you what you need to do in our Watch Dogs Legion Online Retire Operatives – How to Remove Recruits guide.

watch dogs legion online retire operatives how to remove recruits
Watch Dogs Legion Online Retire Operatives – How to Remove Recruits

How to Retire Operatives – Remove Recruits in Watch Dogs Legion Online

To retire operatives and remove recruits in Watch Dogs Legion Online, you basically have to follow the same steps as you would in the regular game. Reminder – to abandon recruitment, go into the Team tab in the menu, and highlight the recruit you want to leave behind. Select View, and then hit the “Abandon Recruitment” button. As for retiring operatives, highlight the operative you want to let go, then hit the Edit button. From there, just select “Retire Operative” and confirm your choice.

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However, there’s a catch to it. Unlike the regular game, the Watch Dogs Legion Online mode has an extra requirement. More specifically, you need to have at least four operatives in your team before the Retire Operative option unlocks. That, I think, has been the main stumbling block for a lot of people. I’ve seen players complain about not being able to retire operatives and remove recruits in Watch Dogs Legion Online. It’s true that some of them might be encountering some type of bug, but, for the majority, I’d wager they just didn’t have the necessary four operatives.

That, I believe, is all there is to it. If we’ve missed something, by all means, let us know in the comments; just keep it civil. Of course, this isn’t the only problem you might run into while playing the Watch Dogs Legion Online mode. So, stay tuned; we have more guides coming.

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  1. M
    Master Onix

    Hello there,
    i have encountered another reaaally bad bug that already made 2 of my 3 friends delete the game. Since there are not many ways to get those recruitment points after finishing the daily quests, we started looking for cool operatives. It took us like 3-4 hours to get the best looking and best skilled operatives ready to recruit…beekeepers, spies, hackers, etc. All we needed were those points. So the idea was to play some coop missions to rank that battle pass up since there are points in there. The first mission went really good and one of us had enough to get 10 more points to recruit his spy. But the game instantly started another mission without giving us the choice to go back to open world so we quit that to get back into the open world. Then it happened..ALL the potencial recruits were gone. EVERY single one of them from all the 4 of us. We tried restarting the game, reconnecting and so on but they were gone. It took us 4 hours to find them and then they just dissapeared. 2 of us deleted the game not long after and i searched everywhere for a solution but found nothing :/ Do u happen to know something about that?

    1. S

      Happened to me and my mates too last night, the game crashed several times after we were attempting to play co-op missions together. All of my 18 potential recruits are gone now and it took me hours to gather them all.

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