Love Connection Chore Cyanide & Happiness Freakpocalypse

Love Connection is one of the side quests in Cyanide & Happiness Freakpocalypse. It starts by talking to Crystal, a girl crying in one of the stalls in the girls’ bathroom. She’ll tell you about her woes when you talk to her, and your first task will be to talk to Jake, her beloved. However, he’s at the caffeteria, sick from eating too much chips. If you don’t know where to go from there, this guide will help you completet the Love Connection side chore in Cyanide & Happiness Freakpocalypse.

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cyanide happiness freakpocalypse love connection side chore
Love Connection Chore Cyanide & Happiness Freakpocalypse

How to complete Love Connection side chore

After you’ve talked to the heartbroken girl, head to the caffeteria. You’ll find Jake all the way to the right – he’s the guy that’s about to barf, surrounded by empty chips bags. Talk to him, and make sure you ask about the note in his lunch. He hasn’t noticed it, because he’s a glutton.

Now head on over to the vending machines by the Narwhal poster and talk to Vince. Suggest the anchovy chips to him, and he’ll reveal he’s missing a quarter. Of course, it’s up to you to get him one. Go back to Jake and grab the quarter from the table next to him.

cyanide happiness love connection side quest

Give the quarter to Vince, and he’ll buy a bag of anchovy chips – he’ll get an extra bag which he’ll be happy to share with you. Give the bag of chips to Jake, and he’ll start munching. Soon enough, he’ll throw up. If you pick through his barf, you’ll find a note – the note. Talk to Jake and ask him to sign it.

He’ll do it between fits of vomiting, and you’ll be able to take the signed note back to Crystal. She’ll give you a body towel and a towel hat, which will allow you to go into the girls’ locker room. You’ll also unlock the Third Wheel achievement.



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    They moved the quarter. Its not on the table anymore

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      cailum roscoe


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    they moved the quarter into the kitchen!

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