Love Lion Value Pet Simulator X

Some new pets have recently been added to Pet Sim X. One of these is the Love Lion pet. As its name suggests, this pet is Valentine’s Day-themed, and it is quite a catch and a worthy addition to any player’s collection. Of course, being a Legendary pet, it is also quite expensive and difficult to obtain. If you want to get it, we are going to list out the Love Lion value in Pet Simulator X and also explain what you need to do if you want to hatch it in the game.

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Love Lion Value Pet Simulator X
Love Lion Value Pet Simulator X

Love Lion Value Pet Sim X

At the time of writing this guide, the Love Lion pet in Pet Simulator X is estimated to be worth 2 Million Gems for the Normal variant. The Gold Variant is valued at 15 Million Gems, the Rainbow variant at 65 Million Gems, and the Dark Matter variant at 350 Million gems. Though, you need to keep in mind that the price values are constantly fluctuating, so these values are likely to change – go up or down – very soon. Like in real life, this is all down to supply and demand.

How to Get Love Lion in Pet Simulator X

There are two ways to get the Love Lion in Pet Sim X. The first method involves trading for it. You can see the approximate trading values in the first section of the guide. And if you do not want to trade for it, the only other way to obtain it is through the Valentine’s Egg. Hatching the egg costs 250,000 Valentines Heart, and if you want to hatch the golden variant, this costs 2,250,000 Valentines Heart. Note that, if you are playing in Hardcore mode, the ordinary variant costs 1 Million Valentines Heart, while the golden variant costs 9 Million Valentines Heart.

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