Hogwarts Legacy Open or Contain Repository Choice

In our Hogwarts Legacy Open or Contain Repository choice guide, we are going to tell you what happens whether you choose to keep the Repository contained or open it. Keep in mind that we will be spoiling the end of the game with zero restraint. This is inevitable, because the choice directly influences the ending of the Hogwarts Legacy story. So, if you don’t want the ending ruined for you, click away now. SPOILERS AHOY!

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hogwarts legacy open or contain repository choice
Hogwarts Legacy Open or Contain Repository Choice

Hogwarts Legacy Keep Repository Contained or Open it Choice

Much like every other choice in Hogwarts Legacy, whether you opt to keep the Repository contained or open it makes no major difference. Yes, I’m serious. I mean, the cutscene you get after beating the final boss is substantially different, but after that, nothing. It’s so disappointing, but what are you gonna do? With that said, now we’re really gonna go into spoilers, so this is your final warning. Still here? Okay, here we go. If you pick “I intend to keep it contained here,” you get the “good ending.” You and Fig will still have to fight Ranrok as the final boss. After that, both of you will try to contain the magic, but Fig will overexert himself and pass away. From there, you can clean up what’s left and do a few post-game activities to get what we’ll call the True Ending.

If you pick “I intend to open it” instead in the Hogwarts Legacy Open or Contain Repository choice, you and Fig have to fight Ranrok again. Fig also dies after the fight, and your character gets to wield the magic from the Repository. Also, their eyes will flash red for a second, which seems to indicate them turning to the dark side, aka the “evil ending.” We’ll never know, because you still have the option to do the rest of the activities and get the True Ending. The choice doesn’t even impact that. Heck, your character won’t even get a power-up from all that raw magic you just internalized. So, in summary, yet another choice that seems much more important than it really is due to the open nature of the game. Pretty disappointing.

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