Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secret Mission - How to Unlock

Lower Temple is a secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons. It is a part of the Jungle Awakens free DLC, but since it’s a secret, you will have to solve a puzzle in order to unlock it. Even if you are well versed in the game, you might have trouble finding the entrance and figuring the puzzle out. That is why we’ve written this guide, to show you how to unlock Lower Temple secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons.

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minecraft dungeons lower temple secret mission
Minecraft Dungeons Lower Temple Secret Mission – How to Unlock

How to unlock Lower Temple secret level?

First of all, start the Desert Temple mission – the entrance is hidden there. Once you have the golden key, go to the locked door and open it. After that, you will reach a crossroads. Go down the left path, and you’ll end up in another section of the level, by way of a portal. If you open a map, you’ll notice there are four corridors branching away from the main hall. Go down them – there will be pillars you can interact with in three of them. Activate all three pillars, and a draw bridge will rise in the main hall, allowing you to cross the gap and reach the scroll that unlocks the Lower Temple secret mission.

Once you’ve returned to the camp, you will be able to access the Lower Temple level from the world map. It’s pretty much the same puzzle as the one that allows you to unlock Panda Plateau in the Dingy Jungle. Find sub-area, activate three switches, gain access to the scroll.

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