Lucky Marker Find the Markers

Figuring out how to get the Lucky Marker in Find the Markers is a fairly hard task. This is because the marker is deep in the recess of the Leprechaun’s Labyrinth. And it’s definitely not the easiest maze you’ve ever come across, mostly because every part of it looks exactly the same. In this guide, we will show you where to find the Lucky Marker with tons of screenshots to guide your way.

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lucky marker find the markers
Lucky Marker Find the Markers

How to Get Lucky Marker in Find the Markers

To get the Lucky Marker in Find the Markers, you have to solve the Leprechaun’s Labyrinth, as we’ve already said. You can see where the entrance is in the first set of screenshots below. Once you’re in the maze, the only available path goes right, and then left. Follow it and take the second right. Go along that path until you reach a fork in the road. Take the path on the right, then the first left. Walk straight to the wall at the end of the long hallway and follow the road as it turns left.

You’ll see another long corridor with two paths branching to the left. Take the second left, walk straight, and take another left. Next, take a second right. The hallway will go forward with several branching paths, and you want to take the first right. Boom, that’s where you’ll find the location of the Lucky Marker in Find the Markers. As I’ve said up top, it’s pretty tricky if you don’t know where to go. Please, use the screenshots above and below to orient yourself more easily. One of the things that makes the maze particularly difficult is that all of the walls look the same with that clover pattern, so if you get turned around, there’s nothing you can use as a point of reference. All I can say is, I wish you the best of luck.

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