Valorant Gekko Release Date & Time

The latest update for Valorant, Episode 6: Act 2, is coming very soon. There are several changes and additions to the game, but by far the biggest one is the inclusion of a new agent. This Valorant Agent 22’s name is Gekko. He is sure to be a very interesting and welcome addition to Valorant, and if you are interested in learning when you’ll be able to play as him, we have the Gekko release date and time in Valorant right here.

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Valorant Gekko Release Date & Time
Valorant Gekko Release Date & Time

Valorant Gekko Release Date and Time

Gekko is going to arrive to Valorant in the Episode 6: Act 2 update, which is scheduled to come out this Tuesday, March 7th, 2023. Going by previous release times, we expect that this update is going to arrive at the following: between 2 to 3 AM GMT / 6 to 7 AM PDT / 9 to 10 AM EDT / 8 to 9 AM CDT. Of course, there is always the chance that this release time is going to be extended if the devs need more time to update the game, but if that is indeed the case, then they will probably notify players when the update is going to be up over on their official Twitter page.

Gekko comes with an assortment of very interesting abilities, which are set to make him one of the most unique agents in Valorant’s expanding roster. His abilities are powered by his friends – several creatures that all come with their own sets of skills and uses. It’s very obvious that this character’s design was inspired by Pokemon and other such games that revolve around summoning creatures to aid you in battle (or to battle on your behalf). All in all, we can’t wait to use him in combat, and we’re sure that you feel the same. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long, since Gekko’s going to be unlocked in Valorant very soon.

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