Macaron Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

If you want to know what the best Macaron Cookie toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom are, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will first analyze what the Macaron Cookie does and what her special skill is. Then, based on that information, we are going to tell you what we believe to be the best toppings for the new cookie.

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macaron cookie toppings in cookie run kingdom
Macaron Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

Best Toppings for Macaron Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Before we dive into what we believe to be the best toppings for Macaron Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, let’s analyze what she can do. From what we can see, Macaron is an Epic cookie that stands in the middle of the party, and is a Magic-type Cookie. Her special skill, Mighty Macaron Parade, summons Macaron Animals who then start to march. They deal damage to all nearby enemies, plus additional damage to non-cookie enemies. She also increases the ATK and CRIT percentages of allies and restores their health. If the Marching Animals deal enough damage, Macaron gets a stack of the Happy Parade buff. She can then restore even more HP to allies, the amount being proportional to the number of stacks she has after the parade is over.

So, with all of that in mind, what are the best toppings for the Macaron Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom? In our opinion, you should probably go for a full Swift Chocolate build. Considering how ridiculously powerful her skill is, it seems like a good idea to use it as many times as possible. Perhaps you can also sprinkle in (pun intended) some Solid Almonds to keep Macaron alive for longer. I’d say a ration of three Chocolate to two Almond might work pretty well. Of coures, Macaron is a very new cookie, so some more testing might be necessary.

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