Madden 24 EA Play Trial Expiration Error Fix

Madden NFL 24 is the latest entry in the long-running Madden NFL franchise. Naturally, every new game adds improvements such as better graphics, an expanded and updated player roster, and other such features, while still preserving the core gameplay formula that makes Madden NFL so popular and widely beloved. However, as it is an online game, certain connectivity issues and errors can crop up to ruin our gametime fun. For example, the latest of these comes in the form of the EA Play Trial Expiration Error Message. If you are getting the Madden 24 EA Play Trial Expiration Error and want to know if you can fix it, as well as why it is occurring, this guide is here to help answer both of these questions.

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Madden 24 EA Play Trial Expiration Error Fix
Madden 24 EA Play Trial Expiration Error Fix

Madden 24 EA Play Trial Expiration Error Message Issue Fix

This happens when you try to log into the game, with Madden NFL 24 erroneously telling you that your EA Play Trial has expired – even though you have bought the full version of the game. While we don’t know why exactly this is happening, the most likely reason behind it is that the Madden 24 Season 4 has recently started. Unfortunately, new Seasons for online games often cause issues such as this.

Now that we know the most probable culprit, let’s see if there is anything that we can do to somehow resolve this. Luckily, there is indeed something that you can do to fix this. To get rid of this Madden Trial glitch – login on another account, then change back to the original in-game account. After that, the game should now work as intended. If that still hasn’t helped, you should contact Madden NFL 24 support for further assistance. With nay luck, this problem is going to be fixed by the devs soon.

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