Madden 24 Platinum Quicksell Values

NFL Madden 24 is back, and of course, fans are the most excited about the Madden 24 Ultimate Team. MUT 24 allows you to Quicksell almost all of your Madden 24 Ultimate Team cards. However, you’ll typically only receive Training points. Nonetheless, there are unique platinum cards which will earn you Coins instead of Training points. In this guide, we provide a complete list of Madden 24 Ultimate Team Platinum Quicksell Coin Values.

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Madden 24 Platinum Quicksell Values
Madden 24 Ultimate Team Platinum Quicksell Coin Values

Madden 24 Ultimate Team Platinum Quicksell Coin Values

Madden 24 Ultimate Team introduces a unique type of cards called platinum cards. Unlike regular cards, these cards will give you Coins when using Quicksell. However, these cards are only designed for the absolute best players, ranging from 78 overall to 86 overall scores. The amount of Coins you can score for Quick selling them varies drastically. For example, a 78 Overall player will net you 6000 coins. On the other hand, an 86 Overall player will earn you a whopping 225 000 coins. Below, you will find all Madden 24 Platinum Quicksell values, depending on their ratings:

  • 78 Overall – 6,000 Coins
  • 79 Overall – 9,000 Coins
  • 80 Overall – 14,000 Coins
  • 81 Overall – 23,000 Coins
  • 82 Overall – 36,000 Coins
  • 83 Overall – 57,000 Coins
  • 84 Overall – 90,000 Coins
  • 85 Overall – 143,000 Coins
  • 86 Overall – 225,000 Coins

As you can see, the value of these cards increases drastically. An 83-overall player card is worth almost ten times more than a 78-overall player card. Pulling an 86 Overall player card will make you dirty rich, as it is worth 225,000 Coins. However, keep in mind that you might need these cards at some point. Hence, please think carefully before making any decisions, as you might regret it!

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