BG3 Karlach Romance Bug Fix

Karlach is one of the Origins and possible companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. Naturally, as a companion, she is also romancable. This romance spans most of the game, with your relationship gradually building up over time. But what to do if your romance has been bugged? During Act 2, when you were supposed to have gotten the romance scene with Karlach, this cutscene will refuse to trigger. Essentially, this will cause your Karlach romance to be stuck. If the Karlach Romance is not working, is there anything you can do to somehow resolve this issue? Luckily, there is something you can do to try and fix the Karlach Romance Bug in BG3, and we are going to cover what that is right here.

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BG3 Karlach Romance Bug Fix
BG3 Karlach Romance Bug Fix

BG3 Karlach Romance Bug Solution

This is part of Karlach’s companion quest, meaning that you are going to need to interact with Dammon. If you are unsure where to find him after the refugee camp, here’s his new location. So make sure that he doesn’t die, or you may not be able to do this. The second time her heart gets fixed is shortly before you are supposed to get this love scene interaction. Here’s what you can do to get this scene to trigger like it should.

First of all, be vary of professing your love to other Origin characters. If the BG3 Karlach Romance is not triggering, this can be due to multiple ongoing romances. Secondly, before you go to the smith, you should rest – both short and long – to make certain that you don’t have any other cutscenes that can interfere with her romance. Finally, the solution that has helped the biggest number of players here – is to go and take a long rest at the Last Light Inn. For some reason, doing this caused the BG3 Karlach Romance missed interaction camp romance scene to actually trigger and work. Note that this is likely something that is going to be addressed and fixed in a future patch. And if you have any other solutions for this BG3 Karlach romance bug, feel free to share them with us in the comments.

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