Maneater Infamy Rank & Threat Level - How To Increase

Infamy rank & threat level are two ways Maneater tracks your progress through the game. They’re tied together, although you’ll have to do different things in order to increase them. It’s pretty essential that you do, and a number of people can’t figure out how to go about it. It doesn’t help that the game doesn’t offer you an explanation that’s clear and visible enough. In this guide, we’re going to explain Maneater infamy rank and threat levels, and tell you how to increase both.

maneater infamy rank threat level
Maneater Infamy & Threat Levels – How To Increase

How to raise threat level?

This one is the easier of the two. In order to raise your threat level, you just have to go around and cause alarm & harm. You’ll do this mostly by eating people on beaches and destroying boats. Keep doing this, and bounty hunters will start looking for you. This may sound bad, like getting a wanted level in GTA, but it’s actually useful.

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How to increase infamy?

The only way to increase your infamy rank is by killing bounty hunters. Remember how we said bounty hunters coming after you was useful? Keep raising your threat level until they start hunting you, then start wrecking their boats. Each bounty hunter boat you destroy will give you a few infamy points. After you’ve destroyed enough of them, a hunter leader will appear. There are eight of them, and they’re considered the game’s main bosses. Each time you kill one, your infamy rank will increase.

So the threat and infamy ranks are just another way to gate progression through the game, basically. They’ll stop you from overextending yourself, much like the shark levels that stop you from exploring new maps and dealing with bigger fish. It might all be a bit confusing at first, but the game is rather short and you can cross the finishing line just by banging your head against the wall hard enough.

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