Maneater Prosperity Sands Collectible Locations

Prosperity Sands is one of the areas you’ll visit in Maneater. While you’re there, thirty two collectibles will waiting for you to snatch or smash them. This includes ten landmarks, twelve nutrient caches and ten licence plates. While you probably won’t have any trouble finding most of them, there are a few here and there that just won’t cooperate. If you get stuck while looking for those last few, our Maneater Prosperity Sands collectible locations guide will help you.

maneater prosperity sands collectible locations
Maneater Prosperity Sands Collectible Locations

Prosperity Sands landmarks

There are ten landmarks you need to visit in Propserity Sands. Some are underwater, while others are on the shore. They all have one things in common – you haven’t officially visited them until you’ve smashed the yellow sign next to them. Here’s where to find them and what they are:

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  • Oh. Sean’s Eleven – A sunken car with bags of gold coins in the trunk, next to the sewer grate in the northwest of the map.
  • Franken Tiki – A bunch of giant, wooden Tiki masks across the road from the previous one.
  • Shopaholic – A pile of shopping carts and bags and a quip about late stage capitalism. Found in the northern corridor.
  • Swim Away – A cluster of underwater mines on the northern edge of the area.
  • More Glow Sticks – A rave party on the southern side of the small island in the north of the area.
  • You’re Out of TP – Three big shells in the marina south of the grotto.
  • Other Worldly Protection – A ruined temple dedicated to the famous eldritch deity in the marina west of the grotto.
  • Clonehenge – An underwater replica of Stonehenge, off the shore of the southern island.
  • Got Smoked – A sunken replica of the trimaran from Waterworld, west of the southern island.
  • Point Broken – An underwater surf shop called Baja New World, in the southeastern corner of the map.

Nutrient cache locations in Prosperity Sands

You can find twelve nutrient caches here, and they’re all underwater. They’re pretty easy to find – the map markers are little grey chest icons, and you’ll notice them from a distance by the glowing red lights. Make sure you use the sonar, as well, as it makes the search much easier.

Prosperity Sands licence plates

There are a total of ten licence plates in the Prosperity Sands area. They’re usually suspended in mid-air, above ground or water, and you’ll have to jump out in order to break them. Some are found above structures like bridges – and they might be easier to reach with the right evolutions.

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