Maneater Release Times - When Does It Launch

Maneater is coming out today, and lots of people are anxious to start chomping down on smaller fish, fishermen’s legs, flimsy wooden boats and more. As is customary, the game won’t launch on all the platforms at the same time, and the same goes for time zones. If you’re wondering when it’s coming out in your region (and on your system), keep reading our Maneater release times guide.

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maneater launch times
Maneater Release Times – When Does It Launch

When does Maneater come out?

This is one of the rare occasions when we don’t have to use dark magics to divine the exact release times for a game. Thanks to an announcement from the game’s official Twitter account, we have the precise info without having to sever even a single chicken’s head.

If you’re playing on Xbox, you’ll get the game on May 21st, 8 PM EDT. That’s a worldwide release time, so everyone gets it at that point. This translates to 5 PM PDT. In European terms, that’s May 22nd, 2 AM CEST. In Australia, that’s May 22nd, 10 AM AEST.

On Playstation, it’s going to be released at midnight local time, on May 22nd. In other words, wherever you are, the game will unlock at midnight in your region. Unless you’re using an account from a different region – in which case you’ll have to do the math.

Finally, the PC launch time is set for May 22nd at 9 AM EDT. That’s 6 AM PDT, 3 PM CEST or 11 PM AEST, depending on where you’re based. The game still isn’t showing on most digital storefronts, which is kind of frustrating when you’re trying to find out when it’s coming out or, god forbid, buy it. Thankfully, the developers have shared the timetable via Twitter, so you can keep this guide open in a separate tab and check back if you forget.

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