Maneater Fawtick Bayou Collectible Locations - Landmarks, Nutrient Caches, Licence Plates

Fawtick Bayou is one of the areas in Maneater. It’s a swampy area with 37 collectibles in it – ten landmarks, ten licence places and seventeen nutrient caches. Collecting them all will take some time – while some are pretty obvious, others are well hidden in places you wouldn’t think to check. The map has a counter for each kind, so you’ll know exactly what you’re missing. If you can’t find any of them, this guide will show you all Maneater Fawtick Bayou collectible locations.

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fawtick bayou collectible locations maneater
Maneater Fawtick Bayou Collectible Locations – Landmarks, Nutrient Caches, Licence Plates

Fawtick Bayou Bric-a-Brac – Licence Plates

Licence Plates are part of the Bric-a-Brac collection in the bayou. They’re giant, glowing things that are always suspended in the air, slowly rotating in place. You’ll usually have to get out to dry land in order to bump into them and collect them. Sometimes you’ll have to perform a high jump, which means figuring out the right angle and takin a running start. The map marker for them is a licence plate.

Nutrient Cache locations in Fawtick Bayou

Nutrient caches are crates filled with shark-goodies. Unlike the licence plates, they’re usually in the water, and there’s a red blinker on them that makes them stand out from the environment. The map icon used for nutrient caches is a grey chest.

Landmarks in Fawtick Bayou

Landmarks are curiosities strewn along the bottom of the many waterways in the game. They can be collected by destroying the glowing roadsigns found near each of them. They’re marked on the map with a map pin, shaped like an upside-down tear.

  • Poor Planning – A sunken graveyard near the southeastern entrance to the bayou
  • Too Literal – A plugged drain north from the previous one
  • The Ticking – A dinosaur eating a clock near the middle of the map
  • Gator Sculpture by Amos “Swampy” Beauregard – A sculpture in the northern corridor
  • Bumpy Ride – A sunken boat with skeletons at the entrance to the theme park in the northeastern corner
  • Establish Dominance – An enclosure in the theme park
  • Baby’s First Landmark – A bunch of gator plushies on the shore west of the theme park
  • Sunshine Improvised Warehouse – A cargo boat with barrels spilled all over the river bottom, in the eastern corridor
  • Must Paddle Faster! Must Paddle Faster – A sunken rowboat with a skeleton, a bit southeast from the last one
  • Yes Master – A culstist shrine near the southwestern entrance to the area

Once you’ve collected all the landmarks, you’ll unlock the protein digestion evolution.

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