Medium Pump Out The Water To Clear The Way - Water Tanks Puzzle

Water Tanks are an area in The Medium, one that’s flooded, preventing Marianne from progressing. In order to go through this area, you’ll have to solve a puzzle. It involves figuring out how to pump out the water and clear the way. There are several steps to it, and a lot of back and forth. If you’re having trouble with this section, our Medium pump out the water to clear the way guide will show you what to do.

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medium pump out the water to clear the way
Medium Pump Out The Water To Clear The Way – Water Tanks Puzzle

How to solve water pump puzzle?

Once you get to the control panel, you’ll notice there’s no power. Open the heavy vault door on the left, and go into the next room. There’s a fuse box on the wall – if you inspect it, you’ll notice a bunch of black gunk on it in the spirit world. Interact with it there to clear the stuff. This will send power to the control panel, so you can go back to it.

Clear out the west chamber by sending the water into the central one. This will allow you to reach water tank 1. Head left, down the metal staircase in the big chamber, past the spirit-bats. You’ll find a valve there – turn it, then go back to the control room.

Now pump the water into water tank 1, the west and central chambers. This will clear out the east chamber and open up the way to water tank 2. Go right and down the stairs. You’ll see a red light on the bottom floor – that’s the valve, but it’s missing the wheel. Go past it and use the bolt cutters to the get the wheel from the green locker. Go back and use the wheel to open the valve.

All that’s left now is to go to the control room and pump the water into water tanks 1 and 2, and the west chamber. This will leave the central and east chambers open, allowing you to progress. Head right and down the stairs again, and go through the door next to the green locker you found the wheel in.

If you prefer to watch the solution, take a look at this video – it shows the whole process.