The Medium Niwa Hotel - How to Get Into Hotel

How to get into Niwa Hotel in The Medium is one of the first major puzzles that you’ll have to solve in order to enter the game’s main location. Turns out, that’s not gonna be as easy as just waltzing over to the front door. No, there are several hoops that you’ll have to jump through, including finding a screwdriver. Long story short, you will have to explore a bit. To make things easier and faster for you, here’s our The Medium Niwa Hotel – How to Get Into Hotel guide.

the medium niwa hotel how to get into hotel
The Medium Niwa Hotel – How to Get Into Hotel

How to Get into Niwa Hotel in The Medium?

To get into the Niwa Hotel in The Medium, you have to explore the parking lot. Specifically, go to the left side of the lot and find the small, abandoned car. Peer inside through the driver-side window, and you’ll find a postcard on the seat. More importantly, you can interact with the little knob to the left of the steering wheel. That will pop the hood of the car, so go over and take a peek. Despite what Marianne says, there is something to see there; specifically, the screwdriver. Grab it, and ignore the car trying to scare you.

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There’s more to find on the parking lot, such as the hopscotch and the payphone, but that’s not our concern here. Go back to the hotel entrance, go up the stairs, and try to go through the main door. It’s locked, but the cutscene will show you where to go next. Head over to the other door on the right and use the screwdriver to open it. You can explore this “room” for a bit, if you want. However, the important bit is to get behind the dumpster and push it outside, as far as it will go. Then, use it to climb above the front door. All you got to do now is squeeze through the broken window, and boom, that’s how you get into the Niwa Hotel in The Medium.

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