Merge Mansion Bubbles Not Dropping Coins Explained

Popping Bubbles has always been one of the most fun activities in Merge Mansion. This is because, when you pop them (or leave them to pop by themselves), they reward you with coins. This incentivized players to pop the bubbles as soon as they appeared on the screen. However, recently, an issue with this has started appearing in the game. Namely, that the Bubbles are no longer dropping coins when popped. But why is this happening? Is it a bug? Some sort of developer oversight? A change to how this worked before? Well, in this Merge Mansion Bubbles Not Dropping Coins Explained guide, we’re going to take a look at the entire problem to try and get to the bottom of it.

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Merge Mansion Bubbles Not Dropping Coins Explained
Merge Mansion Bubbles Not Dropping Coins Explained

Bubbles Not Dropping Coins in Merge Mansion

So, what is the cause for this issue with the bubbles not dropping coins when popped anymore? Well, for some players, this apparently started happening several weeks ago. But for the majority of players experiencing this, the problem appeared after the latest update to the game (which dropped this Wednesday, December 14th, 2022). Even more confusing is that this isn’t happening to everyone, as some can still get the coins from the bubbles just fine.

What this means is that the most likely explanation for this is that it is due to the developers testing out a new feature. As it happened even before the latest update, it’s probably the case that the testing group was expanded to include more players. Of course, this is just speculation on our part, and we are going to update this guide as soon as new information becomes available. In the meantime, if you know anything about why this is occurring, feel free to share it with us and fellow players alike in the comments below.

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  1. L

    I guess it was an update, but I am very unhappy with it. I want my coins!

  2. T
    Thomas Youngquist

    I thought I was hitting something incorrectly the first couple of times it happened but I would agree that it is.a bug. I would guess there may be a “fix” update coming soon (I hope).

  3. S
    Sherl Knight

    I’m very unhappy about it too! What the heck? It’s hard enough to save up for extra storage, or whatever, and now this?!?

  4. T
    Thomas Youngquist

    Any chance the developers form MM might leave us an explanation (either it is now the way it will work or it is a bug and we are working on it)? Thanks

  5. M
    Michele S

    I want the Coins back please!! Can we take a vote thru a survey or on FB? Please give them back – I can certainly wait 1 minute for them to pop & I always save room for my coins!

  6. S

    My guess is it’s here to stay, one of the things I liked the most about Merge Mansion is that you could get by pretty well without spending any real money, I suspect that they are removing the coins to force players to purchase coins with real money instead of grinding. It sucks but unfortunately, micro-transactions are a greedy part of the world now…l

  7. D
    Deb d

    We sure are losing a lot of coins! Makes my heart sink every time I see that bubble just disappear and no coins left! I’m almost down to 00 coins now. Very unhappy it hasn’t been fixed!

  8. A

    I am getting coins through the bubbles on my android phone but not my ipad

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