Merge Mansion Flowers Everywhere 2023

The Merge Mansion Flowers Everywhere 2023 event has kicked off once again. You will have to grow flowers of various types and levels and use many different gardening tools. It’s a demanding event, especially as far as the Secondary Tasks are concerned. In this guide, we will talk about what you need for the Flowers Everywhere event and which rewards you can expect to earn.

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merge mansion flowers everywhere 2023
Merge Mansion Flowers Everywhere 2023

Merge Mansion Flowers Everywhere Event 2023

The latest 2023 Merge Mansion Flowers Everywhere event begins on March 23rd and it will last for the next six days. I hope, for your sake, that you have some Orange Flowers saved up. You will require quite a lot of them to complete all the quests. It’s not the only flower you’ll need, but it will be key. If you don’t know how to get them, check out our Orange Flower guide. Basically, you get them from the Large Seed Bag. The other flowers you will have to have include Peony Flowers (seeds come from the Vase starting at level 6), Planted Flower (seeds come from the Planted Bush), etc. You will also need various levels of the Gardening Tools merge chain (up to about level 11) and other stuff.

Now, of course, the main draw of any event, including the 2023 Merge Mansion Flowers Everywhere, are the rewards. Based on previous events of the same type, you can expect to get XP and Coins from Primary Tasks, along with level 1 Small Time Skip Boosters every four tasks starting at the tenth task. As far as Secondary Tasks go, every task grants you some XP and every second a level 1 Small Time Skip Booster. You can also look forward to level 1 Piggy Banks and both levels of the Brown Chest and the Fancy Blue Chest. However, you should be aware that the Secondary Tasks require some pretty high-level items. You have to plan accordingly and balance between Primary and Secondary Tasks.

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