Merge Mansion Orange Flower, How to Get

Don’t know how to obtain the Orange Flower in Merge Mansion? We’ve got you covered! The Nectar Collector event is back this September! First introduced in March 2022, this limited-time event is all about flowers, their precious nectars, and little bugs who like collecting that sweet, sweet, sugar-rich liquid. For this event, you’ll need a handful of Butterflies. And to get Butterflies, you’ll need Orange Flowers. In this guide, we explain how to get Orange Flowers in Merge Mansion, and what items you need for it.

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Merge Mansion Orange Flower, How to Get
Orange Flower Merge Mansion

How to Get Orange Flower in Merge Mansion

In order to grow a proper Orange Flower in Merge Mansion, you will need to put your hands on some Orange Flower Seed. And these can be obtained via a Large Seed Bag, which drops 12x Orange Flower Seed. You will need eight Large Seed Bags in order to get exactly three Flowers. Seed Bags are items which drop from Flower Pots and Green Boxes. Alternatively, you can also purchase them directly via the in-game shop. As a leftover from eight Large Seed Bags, you’ll also receive a Bigger Pile of Seed Bags, which can prove to be quite handy.

Once you have the seed, you’ll need to level it up all the way to level six in order to get a proper flower. Why are these flowers important for the Nectar Collector event? Well, they attract Butterflies due to their nectar, and as such, they are automatically spawned from them. You don’t even need energy for it. And, as you will learn soon enough, you’ll need quite a few Butterflies in order to complete a large number of Primary Tasks in this limited-time event. In addition, Orange Flowers themselves are also a requirement for a handful of both primary and secondary tasks. Have fun!

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