Merge Mansion Grilled Burger Patty

Don’t know how to get Grilled Burger Patty in Merge Mansion? The 4th of July event has finally arrived in your favourite housekeeping mobile game and it has come with a host of new items to merge, decorations for your lovely home, and tasks to complete. One particular task, “When we feast”, will require players to make a tasty burger. There are four steps which will lead you to this barbecue snack, but for some, players are not sure what exactly they need to merge. Worry not, as in this Merge Mansion Grilled Burger Patty guide, we will explain all the required steps.

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Merge Mansion Grilled Burger Patty

How to Get Grilled Burger Patty in Merge Mansion

So, you don’t know how to make a Grilled Burger Patty in the Merge Mansion 4th of July event? Well, obviously, the first thing you need is a Black Grill. This is very you’ll make a Grilled Burger Patty. But first, for that, you’ll need raw burgers and hotdogs. These are made from Burger Ingredients and Hotdog Ingredients. Now, you might wonder, where do I get these food ingredients? Well, from a Food Bag, of course!

Food Bags are dropping various items for this event, including Pickle, Tomato Lettuce, Mustard, Bun, and Sesame Bun. And of course, as it is usual with an endless cycle of items, the next logical question is – where to get a food bag? Well, these are spawning from your Fridge! You start with one in your Event Garage by default, but you can buy more with real money if you need them.

To complete your yummy burgers, you’ll need a bun. We’ve already mentioned that buns are dropping from Food Bags, but only after they expire. It’s completely random if you’ll get a bun for a hot dog or for a burger, so you’ll need a little bit of luck there. And with that said, that’s about all you need to know about the Merge Mansion Grilled Burger Patty.

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