Ark Fjordur Fungal Wood Locations

Survival games are all about, well, surviving, and for that, you will need all of the resources you can find. Ark: Survival Evolved is, of course, no different in this regard. Featuring many different resources for you to locate and collect, the Fungal Wood is one of the most important ones, as it is a crafting component for many recipes. While Fungal Wood is pretty common on Aberration and Valguero, this isn’t the case with the newly added map, Fjordur. The Fungal Wood is much scarcer there, and many players are having a hard time finding it. This is why we have written this guide, to show you the best Fungal Wood locations in Ark Fjordur.

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Ark Fjordur Fungal Wood Locations

Where to Find Fungal Wood in Ark Fjordur

There are a couple of places where you can reliably find Fungal Wood in Fjordur. The first of these comes in the form of a big yellow disc-shaped coral. Because of this, it can be found in water areas. Here are the coordinates where you can find one of these growing out of the water: 70 latitude and 41 longitude. Go there and hit it with your Metal Hatchet (the best way to gather this resource) in order to acquire the Fungal Wood.

As for the second location – what you are looking for is a very picturesque purple forest. It cab be found at approximately: 33.5 latitude and 45 longitude. There are a whole bunch of strange plants and animals here, so it can be confusing to know exactly what it is you are looking for out of all of them. In fact, the fungus that is going to give you the Fungal Wood looks like a big blue ball on top of a root-like stalk. Harvest it using the Metal Hatchet to quickly get some Fungal Wood out of it.

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