Merge Mansion Keepsake Box Full of Secrets

In our Merge Mansion Keepsake Box Full of Secrets guide, we are going to show you how to get the Keepsake Box in the Thanksgiving 2022 event and complete the Box Full of Secrets task. It’s a fairly convoluted process. Don’t worry, though; we’ll do our best to walk you through the whole process. We’ll go step by step.

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merge mansion keepsake box full of secrets
Merge Mansion Keepsake Box Full of Secrets

How to Get Keepsake Box in Merge Mansion – Box Full of Secrets

To get the Keepsake Box in the Merge Mansion Thanksgiving 2022 Box Full of Secrets task, you first need to make the Full Thanksgiving Table. You first need to get Napkins from the and then merge them to level 5, which gets you the Table Setting. That item drops the Empty Thanksgiving Table. You then need to fuel it with the Dutch Oven, and Prepped Vegetables or Charcuterie or Fruit Bouquet. This will then create the Full Thanksgiving Table, which drops the first step in the Thanksgiving Dinner merge chain, the Deviled Eggs. The rest of the chain goes: Dinner Rolls > Gravy > Mashed Potatoes > Green Bean Casserole > Corn on the Cob > Roast Turkey > Plate Full of Food.

The next step to complete the Box Full of Secrets task and get the Merge Mansion Thanksgiving 2022 Keepsake Box is to tap the Plate Full of Food to get the Couch. Now, tap it a whole bunch. It will drop deserts and some other garbage that we don’t care about right now. Merge the deserts to create more room, then keep tapping the Couch until it finally drops the Keepsake Box as its last item. Tap the box to open it and complete the Task. Yes, there’s a lot of merging and waiting that you’ll have to do, but, I mean, you’re playing Merge Mansion. You’re probably well acclimated to it by now. And that about wraps it up for this guide.

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