Merge Mansion Key in Gum

The Merge Mansion Key in Gum is a new item that you need in order to unlock the Muddy Chest in the Easter event. The key is really annoying to get, because it’s the result of two separate merge chains. And then, you have to combine two items that you might never consider. It’s very unintuitive. So, let’s find out how to get the Key in Gum, shall we?

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merge mansion key in gum
Merge Mansion Key in Gum

How to Get Key in Gum in Merge Mansion

To get the Key in Gum in Merge Mansion, you first need the School Desk. That’s the end merge of the School Supplies chain. It goes Pencil Stub > Chewed Pencil > Wooden Pencil > Plastic Pencil > Pencil Holder > Pencil Case > School Bag > School Desk. School Supplies from Level 1 to Level 3 drop from the Mason’s Drawer. Speaking of, the Mason’s Drawer also drops the other item you’ll need, the Chewing Gum. You can also obtain it from the Tree House, the Flea Market and Pre-Loved Toys. The Chewing Gum merge chain is as follows: Chewing Gum Stick > Opened Chewing Gum Stick > Empty Chewing Gum Stick > Chewed Gum > Ball of Chewed Gum.

The next step to get the Merge Mansion Key in Gum is to feed the Ball of Chewed Gum to the School Desk. This turns it into an item generator. On the final tap, it transforms into the Key in Gum, which you can then use to fuel the Muddy Chest, aka Level 7 of the Surprise Dig merge chain. Here’s the full chain: Mound of Dirt > Heap of Dirt > Marker Flag > Dig Site > Buried Treasure > Scavenged Treasure > Muddy Chest. When you feed the key to the chest, it will start dispensing Golden Eggs, Decorated Eggs, Stick Builds, and more. All in All, the Key in Gum is annoying, because it puts the whole Easter event to a screeching halt, but what can you do?

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