Call of Dragons Best Pairings Guide

With several dozen available heroes to use in Call of Dragons, it can be difficult to know which ones pair the best. But, this is one of the most important choices that you will need to make in the game. As such, you can either experiment on your own and try to find the combinations that synergize the best. Though, this can take a lot of time spent playing the game until you figure this out. Or, you can read our Call of Dragons Best Pairings Guide in which we are going to list out the best Hero pairings in CoD according to their type and use in the game.

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Call of Dragons Best Pairings Guide
Call of Dragons Best Pairings Guide

Call of Dragons Best Hero Pairings

Apart from selecting which faction to play as in Call of Dragons, getting the best Hero combinations is among the most crucial decisions you will have to make. Of course, as there are so many Heroes, this is easier said than done. So, which ones function the best when paired up? Let’s start with the Best Cavalry paring. By far, the best pairing here is Emrys and Bakshi. When paired, they can dish out a lot of magical damage, and they have excellent rage regen. Next, the Best Magic Pairing. This title goes to Velyn and Liliya.

As for Best Infantry Pairing, you can go wrong with Nika and Madeline, as they buff their troops’ HP and defense. For the Best Flying Pairing, our vote goes to Theia and Atheus. With them, you won’t have too much trouble moving around the map at high speeds. The Best Tank Pairing is obviously Garwood and Madeline, since they can endure a lot of damage before going down. And, finally, the Best Archer Pairing. This goes to Nico and Kinnara. The best thing about this archer pairing is that you can pummel enemies from a great distance away. Which means that this is particularly strong in PvP and against Behemoths.

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