Merge Mansion Lighthouse Area

The Merge Mansion Lighthouse area is the newest zone added to the game. Therefore, there are many players that want to know what they can expect new content-wise and how to unlock it. There’s not a lot of information just yet, but we’ll share whatever we have in this guide. Let’s begin.

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merge mansion lighthouse area
Merge Mansion Lighthouse Area

Lighthouse in Merge Mansion

The new Lighthouse area in Merge Mansion has been added in the latest update, version 23.01.01. Aside from the new zone, the developers also added some small fixes and that kind of stuff. Plus, the announcement mentions “the Valentine’s Season Pass and new Events running during February,” but we’ll be covering those in due time. For now, let’s analyze the Lighthouse a bit more. Since the area is so fresh, there’s still a lot more to uncover. That said, there’s stuff we already know. For one, we know that there’s apparently a mysterious figure in the lighthouse, the Wizard of Hopewell Bay. This may or may not be Charlie; we’ll have to wait and see how the story section pans out. Still, it’s worth investigating, I’d say.

Another important thing to know about the new Merge Mansion Lighthouse area is how to unlock it. Well, at time of writing, we don’t know what the exact prerequisites are. We’ll be sure to update the article once we know more. It seems that it’s tied to the Conservatory in some way, but some players have apparently unlocked it without access to either the Cemetery or the Conservatory. So, it might be that the prerequisites are relatively low. We have to wait and see. Before you head in, though, you should know that the Lighthouse is a very difficult area, possibly the hardest so far. You’ll need a lot of Empty Seed Bags, Seeds, various tools, etc. Good luck!

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