Merge Mansion Monster Mask 2022

Not sure how to get Monster Masks in Merge Mansion for the Halloween 2022 event? We’ve got you covered! The 2022 Merge Mansion Halloween event has just kicked off and fans are enjoying the new content. The event comes with the event garage, new Halloween Decorations, quite a lot of new event items, and more. As is often the case, for some of these items players are not exactly sure what they need to do in order to craft them. So what do you need in order to get a Monster Mask? Is it a drop or do you need to merge something? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

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Merge Mansion Monster Mask 2022

How to Get Monster Mask in Merge Mansion

So, let’s not beat around the bush here and cut straight to the chase. Monster Masks are dropped by Decoration Cauldrons. The Decorations Cauldron, also known as the Green Cauldron by fans due to its colour, is a reward for completing tasks 1 through 10 in the 2022 Merge Mansion Halloween event. Also known as an Empty Monster Brew Pot, you will need to fuel it in order for it to drop items. Thus, fuel an Empty Monster Brew Pot with a Jack-o’-lantern Level 4 and Level 6 Halloween Decorations. Then it will become a Bubbling Monster Brew Pot. And the Bubbling Monster Brew Pot drops Monster Masks and Deadly Preserves.

Halloween Decorations are an item dropped by Trick or Treat Display, while a Jack-o’-lantern is dropped by a Level 6 Pumpkin Vine. A Baby Pumpkin will drop Pumpkin Seeds which you will need to level up to Level 6 in order to get a Pumpkin Vine which drops a Jack-o’-lantern. It’s a confusing loop, we know, but that’s how it is. And one final thing to remember, you will need to level up Halloween Decorations to level 6, called the Magic Mirror, before being able to use it as fuel for the Empty Monster Brew Pot. So there you have it, that’s how you get the Monster Mask in Merge Mansion.

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