Disney Dreamlight Valley 3 Course Halloween Meal Solution

In our Disney Dreamlight Valley 3 Course Halloween Meal Solution guide, we are going to explain how to complete this particular challenge. It has been giving every player a headache ever since the Halloween quests were revealed. There was just… no way to do it. No amount of cooking with Remy helped. So, what are you supposed to do? Is there some kind of bug? Here’s what you need to do.

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disney dreamlight valley 3 course halloween meal solution
Disney Dreamlight Valley 3 Course Halloween Meal Solution

How to Complete A 3 Course Halloween Meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To complete the 3 Course Halloween Meal challenge in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to find the three different-colored buckets of candy. These have only begun spawning on October 24th, so that’s why you haven’t been able to complete the quest yet. Now, these appear only on your Plaza and nowhere else. That’s the area right in front of your castle, by the way. There are three different colors of bucket (and the candy that lies within): orange, purple and green. They spawn at random all over the Plaza. They can be anywhere: behind buildings, in shrubs, you name it. You might even have to move some furniture and other fixings around in order to reach a dang bucket.

So, in order to complete the 3 Course Halloween meal challenge in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to interact with each of the colored buckets to collect the three types of candy. Once you have all of them, hop into your inventory and eat one candy of each kind. That is going to finish the challenge. Yes, the name of the challenge really makes you think that it’s gonna have something to do with you cooking a Halloween feast with Remy. But, no; that might actually be fun. No, it’s just another grindy randomized treasure hunt. None of these Halloween challenges are interesting, but some of them can be pretty obtuse. If you need more help with them, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween Quests & Rewards guide. Hopefully, we’ll relieve you of some of your troubles.

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