NBA 2K23 Earn VC Fast

Virtual Currency – or, as it is more commonly referred to in the game, VC – is the in-game currency used in the NBA 2K series. As such, it is also used in NBA 2K23. The primary use of VC is to upgrade your player’s attributes in MyCAREER and to get better, more expensive players for your team in MyTeam. As such, this is one of the most important elements in the game, and you will want to have as much VC as you can. If you are looking for ways to earn VC fast in NBA 2K23, we’re going to show you the best methods you can use to quickly farm it.

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NBA 2K23 Earn VC Fast
NBA 2K23 Earn VC Fast

How to Earn VC Fast in NBA 2K23

To start, by far the easiest way to earn VC in NBA 2K23 is to use the NBA 2K app. With it, you can get VC from a simple daily login. This takes just a few minutes and can get you up to 500 or 600 VC. The second way involves 2KTV. Watch the show and interact with it to answer questions and earn additional VC. Each correct answer earns you 200 VC. Each episode is around 15 minutes in length, and if you want to maximize your earning potential, you can look up the correct answers beforehand and receive between 1000 to 2000 VC per episode.

Next up – Daily Rewards in MyCareer. These are scattered around the City and doing them will often reward you with VC (as well as cosmetics and other such items). There are also Daily Pick ‘Em minigames in the City. If you predict the scores of real-life NBA games, you can win VC this way. Doing quests such as Welcome to the League is yet another way to get a lot of VC, as are Daily Challenges. Locker Codes typically award a lot of VC, and are a great way to get in-game rewards. And, finally, perhaps the most cost-effective and easy way to earn VC in NBA 2K23 is to play matches in MyCAREER and MyNBA.

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