Merge Mansion Picnic Basket, Picnic Tool Kit

Merge Mansion is one of the most popular mobile titles of its kind. A puzzle game in which you merge items together to form other items, what really sets Merge Mansion apart from many other such games is its gripping story. In MM, you control Maddie and help her do various tasks around her Grandmother’s mansion. Recently, the Spring Holiday Event 2022 has started in this game and it introduced a heap of new items to Merge Mansion. These include the Picnic Basket and Picnic Tool Kit. If you were wondering how to get these, our Merge Mansion Picnic Basket, Picnic Tool Kit guide is here to explain exactly that.

Merge Mansion Picnic Basket, Picnic Tool Kit

How to Get Picnic Basket & Picnic Tool Kit in Merge Mansion

During the Spring Holiday Event 2022, you will be able to get a lot of new items. Of particular importance here is the Spring Tool Box. The Spring Tool Box will drop the Spring Scissors. Continue merging Spring Scissors to form Spring Shears, followed by Spring Rope, and finally all the way to – Spring Spray.

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This Spring Spray (it looks like a spray bottle) can then randomly drop one of several other items. These are: Birds Tool Kit, Flower Tool Kit, and the one we are most interested in here – the Picnic Tool Kit. And the Picnic Tool Kit then drops the Picnic Basket. So, as you can see, this entire process can take a bit of time, especially since Spring Spray isn’t guaranteed to drop the Picnic Tool Kit, but simply stick with it and you will be able to get to the Picnic Baskets eventually – hopefully, before the event wraps up on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022. We hope that you have found this guide both informative as well as useful. In any case, good luck with the Spring Holiday Event in Merge Mansion.

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